Quilled Wedding Cards



When mailing any Quilled Card we recommend a bubble envelope for protection and ask that it be hand cancelled.


KQ1:  Wedding card in soft blues with Lupins on the background .

5x7 card, blank inside.

KQ1: $10.00  BUY NOW


KQ2:: Soft floral card with Hydrangeas in pinks, blues and  lavender on the

back ground.   5x7 card .. blank inside

KQ2:  On Your Wedding day  $10.00 each  BUY NOW


KQ3: Soft Greens and whites with lilies  5x7 card ..blank inside.

KQ3a:  On Your Wedding Day...$10.00 each  BUY NOW

                 KQ3b:  Congratulations with wedding rings: $10.00  each  BUY NOW


KQ4: Soft Lavender floral with white Daisies, lavender Roses

 and greens on it.

KQ4a:    On your wedding day..$10.00 each  BUY NOW

KQ4b: Congratulations with wedding rings..$10.00 each  BUY NOW


KQ5:  Soft Pinks and  Rose colored Pansies with creams and greens.

KQ5a: On Your Wedding Day   $10.00 each  BUY NOW

KQ5b: Congratulations with gold rings  $10.00 each  BUY NOW


KQ6: Soft Peach Roses and white Daisies on a 5x7 card .. blank inside

KQ6: On Your Wedding Day   $10.00 each  BUY NOW


KQ7:  Beautiful Yellow Roses on a 5x7 card ..blank inside

               KQ7: Congratulations with gold wedding rings     $10.00 each 



KQ8: Soft blues with daisies and dragonflies

KQ8:  On Your Wedding Day   $10.00 each  BUY NOW